Acrylic Nails

Specialist Acrylic Extensions by Clair

Since 2020 we have redesigned our treatment menu and no longer offer acrylic nails as our standard nail option, If you are looking for natural & flexible nail treatments to enhance your own natural nails, we suggest you visit our Gel Manicures page here. This includes all gloss & glitter gel polish, hard gel and instant length with gel soft tips, as well as a huge range of nail art choices. Both myself (Clair) & Nicky perform these nail treatments and are by far the more popular option.

We have cut back our acrylic range to just the creme de la creme of powders, to create specialist acrylic nails which are only done by me (Clair).

Prices range from £40.00 - £55.00 and a consultation is required.
If you have an "inspiration picture" from Instagram or Pinterest, that is brilliant and really helps me create the look you are looking for, or I can show you what we have as a possible alternative.

I have been a nail technician for over 20 years but also continue to learn new techniques. I have my own brand of acrylic powder and you can view all my work on our Instagram @clairs_liverpool

Maintenance of acrylic enhancements is recommended every two weeks and an aftercare routine of Shea oil is required to get the best from your acrylic nails.